Press // Fanboy installs: Fixed DIY Center Stage Screens

Their service, prices, packaging and
technical advice were top notch.

Brent - Kansas City

Here's a great example of following best practices in home theater. Identical L/C/R channels, on-axis, behind the best-in-class Center Stage XD screen. This Heritage Series Klipsch (true) horn system is stunning, while being invisible behind a reference image. It's a great story of perseverance and DIY innovation.

His story was featured on the Klipsch blog, and a video tour is featured here.

Michael Stevens

The AVS Forum Home Theater of the Month is Kevin Childs' "The Hodor Theater."  More AVS award winning theaters use a Seymour screen than any other brand.

"All 3 speakers are behind the screen on top of the built in cabinet. Behind the screen is a full insulated (5" blue acoustic insulation) cavity with Polk LSi bookshelf speakers."

"In my attic remodel I had constraints that included angled walls and rooflines. The Center Stage screen fabric allowed me to have an uncompromised picture while maximizing my screen size by hiding all three of my front channel speakers behind the screen. Seymour AV provided great service, communicated well, and delivered as promised and on time."

Dave - Dallas, TX

"This is the basic framing for the wall. You can see that the three front speakers, as well as the subwoofer, are located behind the screen frame. This is a desirable configuration, as it is more accurate to a theater-like experience to have the sound come from behind the screen. You can also see the acoustic insulation used on the walls behind the screen. This is to avoid negative sound artifacts caused by having a 'chamber' created by the back wall, the side walls and the screen wall. You may also notice the corners are flattened out. This is because there are 'bass traps' installed- basically these are made from 3" rigid fiberglass cut into triangles and stacked floor to ceiling. This helps flatten out bass response."

"I have now added the screen material. This material is woven and is considered acoustically transparent- there is little to no impact to placing this in front of the speakers. Stephanie and I spent some time stapling this into place to keep it uniform and wrinkle free. The next step was to add the velvet frame. The frame is made of trim pieces purchased from home depot. They are 3.5" wide and are wedge shaped. I cut the edges at 45 degree angles, so they join together much like a picture frame. The velvet is deep black material purchased from Fabric Depot. A black velvet border is important, as it absorbs any light overspill from the projected image. Stephanie and I wrapped the trim pieces in velvet using spray glue and a lot of patience...kind of a pain. Here is the finished wall with the bottom insert added. This is a simple frame covered with black acoustically transparent cloth. I couldn't use the velvet or a solid wood piece on this part as it would not allow the sound from the front speakers to pass properly. At some point down the road, I will probably have some black velvet curtains made for the side that can slide over to mask the sides when watching 1.85:1 or 1.78:1 content."

download Hit this download button to see the full resolution 2272 x 1704 screen shot. (630k)

"I am very pleased with how everything came out, and particularly with the quality of the screen material. I went from a Stewart 91" diagonal 16x9 ST130 screen. I am loving the CIH setup, and the sound coming from behind the screen. I am using a Sony VPL-VW60 projector and a Panamorph UH380 lens. The screen viewable size is 120"x51". I would highly recommend your product and service to anyone."

Darrren - Tigard, OR

"Chris- Thought you'd like to see the finished product! We still have to install the concrete countertop on the railing behind the couch and add a couple lights in the pool table area. Stretching the screen over a hardwood frame was a cinch and the velvet you recommend TOTALLY absorbs the overscan! Thanks so much for the product and the great advice!"

Brian - Blair, NE

Featured in several magazines such as Gizmodo, this $70k custom installation based on the Stargate Atlantis theme features motion detecting pneumatic doors, fiber-optic star ceiling, a Stargate water effect projector, Center Stage screen material and custom construction throughout.

More pictures are here.

Visual Concepts - Nashville, TN

Casey Ragan.

This DIY theater in Raleigh, NC features a massive 2.35 ratio 176" diagonal Center Stage XD DIY screen. Warren's theater was featured in Electronic House in August 2011.

This Northern Italian home theater was inspired by the 1927 German classic Metropolis, as featured in Electronic House in June 2012. Sal used a predictive audio CAD application to ensure the space was acoustically optimized.

Jared Kroff built this large, 12-seat home theater in an unfinished space underneath the 3-car garage. The huge Seymour AV Center Stage XD screen was DIY, but with the optional grommets and Fidelio velvet, resulted in a performance equal to our fixed frame screens. His 7.2 THX Ultra-2 system was featured in Electronic House in June 2012.

This DIY theater features handmade seats, the HTPC, and the Seymour AV Center Stage XD screen. The result is a cinematic image size, acoustic best practice, and a dedicated home theater on a budget. We'd put the performance of this $15k build up against systems costing 10 times as much. Featured in Electronic House in November 2011.

Here Chris is upgrading his screen from the original Center Stage material to the new Center Stage XD (beta) material. You can see a sample of the XD taped to the current screen just in front of Remy.

Three in-wall speakers, properly positioned for the 2.35 ratio screen. Black speaker grille material is used to darken the back.

The frame is placed on the material at a tilted angle, trimmed and stapled.

Here you can see the French cleats on the back, and the in-wall RBH Signature SI-760 identical L/C/R, all vertically oriented.

Chris - Overland Park, KS

Klipshorn Jubilees, JubScala (LS LF / 402), KPT-884 (aka THE BEAST), 4 Ki-172, 4 Crown XTi-1000, Active Xover - 48db

Bill - Wichita, KS

"Screen arrived Friday morning and we unpacked and stretched it over the frame that evening. Your cutting is superb. Measurements exactly on the dot and absolutely square. Top notch handling and packing (though someone pried open on end of the plastic cap on the tube, probably for mail inspection, but otherwise was perfect). I'm pleased to note that after 4' I cannot see the weave. We sit 8' from this gargantuous 154" (diagonal) screen and the picture looks creamy smooth and sharp. Color rendition seems fine. As for the sound, it's less intrusive than the linen sheet I had up there all week. Highs were sparkling and brighter than they'd been all week with the sheet. I was a bit concerned when I got the sample, but after installing the full screen, I am overjoyed with its performance both visually and acoustically. I suspect I may not even need to EQ the highs. Perhaps that's my JBL horn tweeters that handle this better than conventionals, but the end result is I can't tell there's anything different over no screen between speakers and me. I stretched black spandex over the back side of the frame and then stretched your material over the front and back-stapled it. Results were very good. The amazing thing is that watching movies, we're noticing stuff not seen clearly on the 47" LCD, such as 1-2 scenes in most movies where the focus puller 'blew it' and didn't get the subject in full focus. Changes in film stock are obvious. We're also aware of more of the objects in the movie scenes. Little things that go unnoticed are suddenly getting our attention. We're working on curtains, the side frame walls and center channel speaker next. You've got a great product here at a reasonable price. Count us as VERY satisfied customers!"

Mark & Mary Ann Weiss, MW HD Professional Video Productions

Ahmed made custom masking panels to properly mask 16:9 down to scope

Amit's old theater room pictured above. The below pictures are after he made his DIY curved 2.35 Center Stage XD screen and upgraded many other components.

Amit - Israel

Bob - Montrose, CO

"From Chris's advice, I made several changes in the room that offered the highest bang-for-the-buck improvements. First, I painted the ceiling a dark enough color to knock down ceiling reflections, but green enough to keep the Mrs. happy (it matches a color in the furniture and carpet.) Second, I lined the back wall with 4" thick acoustic foam from It not only cancels the light that would get through the Center Stage fabric, but clarified the sound from the front soundstage by reducing midrange reflections. Chris told me not to mess with the thin stuff and to reduce muddiness, go with the four inch.Third, I angled in the left and right Infinity speakers so that the left speaker points to the right-most seat and the right speaker points to the left-most seat. This widened out the sweet spot and improved imaging across all the seats.Finally, I removed the grill, rotated my center channel vertically, and mounted it to the wall so that it would fire through the Center Stage screen. I wanted to use the speaker I already had. I wanted the sound to come from behind the screen and Chris convinced me that the all the seats would have better sound with this free tweak."

"I made a mitered frame from 1x4 poplar using biscuits to join the corners. I had the pieces wrapped in black plush triple velvet I got from here prior to assembly and then reinforced the corners with six inch corner brackets. I put a piece of angled steel across the top to prevent sagging. I then stapled the Center Stage screen fabric tightly on the back. It doesn't stretch, but you can still get it tight. Lastly, I attached some chain to hang from the ceiling about two inches in front of the center speaker."

"The image is incredible! It's bright and perfectly even no matter what angle you're viewing. The sound is much better than what I had before; it's bigger, more dynamic, clear and more precise than I thought these speakers could be. I have a modest system but an incredibly high-value performer. I can't recommend Seymour AV's Center Stage fabric enough. It's the best and least-costly acoustically transparent fabric out there. Their service, prices, packaging and technical advice were top notch."

Brent - Kansas City, MO